What Parents Of Exploration Academy Graduates Are Saying!

“I decided to enroll my daughter in EA because the traditional classroom setting was just not working for her.  She enjoyed choosing the things she wanted to learn about and the way she wanted to learn.  She gained so much confidence seeing that she could succeed in anything that she did.  I truly believe that if she did not transfer over to EA, she would not be the outgoing, successful person she is today and most likely would not have gone on to college.” 

“My student started his experience with a project building a small robot.  He learned about power sources, building the frame, and how to make the connections so it would work.  His first project failed – but the learning was not a failure.  He got excited about parts and wiring and took a class at the high school to learn how computers are built.”

“The teachers in EA truly cared about her and wanted to see her succeed, and did everything they could to make that happen.  It wasn’t just going to school for her it was going to school and being with family.” 

“My student learned to take responsibility for her education.  Through weekly advisory meetings, she was held accountable for her short term goals.  Instead of waiting for quarterly grades to find out how far behind she was, weekly meetings allowed her to be able to recover quickly if she got behind.”

“The most beneficial part of EA was the solid leadership and support from the teachers, allowing her the freedom to create her own projects, and then also have more support where she needed it such as the math support and variable timelines offered by ALEKS.”

“He may have discovered these passions on his own, eventually, but I believe his experience in the EA allowed him the freedom to explore, experiment and try many different things.  The way his experiences lead and shaped his journey felt very natural and he was engaged in learning during the entire process.  I know he would have been successful in satisfying the requirements to graduate high school in either situation, but we are very glad for the EA experience.”    

What Graduates Of Exploration Academy Are Saying!

“The reason that I decided to enroll in EA was because I was not challenged as much as I wanted to be in school. Upon joining EA I immediately realized this was the type of school that fit me best. The most beneficial part of EA was the ability to teach myself the desired curriculum. This school allowed me to have mobility within my education giving me an edge on the majority of my peers as I transitioned to college. I was able to become a better student because of the freedoms given to us at EA.”

“I decided to join EA as a sophomore after a tough freshman year in traditional high school. I disliked not being able to have more choices academically. My traditional classes were extremely structured and limited my creativity. In addition, I quickly became frustrated with the traditional education model because I rarely could apply class material to real life scenarios. I felt that I was learning pointless material and wasting my time. However, in EA I had the opportunity to create projects that challenged me intellectually and I was learning material and skills I could apply to real life.”

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