These are WIAA eligibility rules:


• Students participating in anactivity are expected to commit to regular attendance at the events scheduled for the activity, both during school and non-school hours in which the activity functions.
Students must be in school by the start of their A+ period class to be eligible the day of a performance.  (PARENT EXCUSED ABSENCES DO NOT WAIVE THIS REQUIREMENT – ONLY DOCTOR PROVIDED MEDICAL EXCUSES WHICH ARE DESIGNATED AS AN “X” IN POWERSCHOOL) Those students unable to complete the school day due to illness will not be allowed to participate.  Any unexcused absence will result in the student being restricted from participation.  **Exceptions will be granted by the principal, associate principal or activities Director ONLY once the unexcused absence is discovered or resolved!
• On late start day’s students must be in attendance for the final 2 periods.
• Students suspended, out-of-school, are not eligible to participate the day(s) of the suspension.
• Unless there are extenuating circumstances, as determined by the activity director or a principal, a student is required to be in school on time the day after an athletic activity/contest/event.
• Coaches and advisors for specific activities may stipulate additional attendance and curfew requirements. The unexcused absence will result in the student being ineligible from competition/practice.
• All players are expected to attend all practices and games/meets unless excused by the coach. Failure to comply will result in discipline and/or suspension. Students may be dropped from team membership for not being in good standing with the team and/or failing to attend school and go to practices, classes, and study halls.( Administrative approval required)
• If a student is suspended for one or more WIAA tournament competition, the minimum penalty is immediate disqualification of that student for the remainder of the total tournament series in that sport. (WIAA Rule)
• A student who transfers from any school with a status of ineligibility for disciplinary reasons retains such status at his/her new school for the same time period as decreed by the former school. (WIAA Rule)
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