Self Reporting/Redemption/Due Process/Disciplinary Action

These are WIAA eligibility rules:

If a student self-reports any Code of Conduct violation, the penalty may be reduced. The student must report a violation within three (3) school days of an incident to be considered a self report. A student self report will not earn reduced penalties if an official report of the incident has already been made, or a ticket has been issued A student cannot self-report to reduce the consequences related to an incident that has already been reported. A student may also enroll in an AODA or Anger Management course to have the penalty reduced.
Although students may receive recognition, awards, or leadership roles for achievement or performance in activities, the district recognizes the importance of character and therefore reserves the right to recall these awards or positions if aberrant behavior warrants.(Code of conduct violators are not eligible to be a captain of a team for one (1) calendar year)or nominated for all conference recognition(Conference Rule)

• All infractions will be dealt with on an individual basis within the parameters discussed.
• Students lying about a code violation may have additional consequences/suspension from athletics.

Penalties are cumulative over a four (4) year period. A student may, however, be returned to a first violation status when he/she is free of all violations for a period of two (2) years. This only exists in Tier 2 and Tier 3 violations. Tier I (1) violations will accumulate over the four year period. When you have multiple violations but they occur in different tiers, you are placed at the level corresponding to the total number of violations.

Students have the right to appeal code of conduct violations and penalties imposed under due process. Those appeals can be for reduction of suspensions and/or to address issues concerning whether proper process was followed. s. Upon the report of an infraction to an activity leader/advisor, the advisor will notify the student and his/her parents/guardians in writing of the reported infraction and the range of action taken. An appeal hearing may be convened at the request of a student or parent to discus the ineligibility. Appeals must be directed to the Associate Principal, who will determine whether the issue warrants a hearing. All Appeals must be submitted no later than 5 days after the season-occurrence of the event or the issue will be considered waived. Present at the appeal will be the student and his/her parents/guardians, the respective schools associate principal, the Activities Director or assistant athletic director if appropriate, and a legal representative if desired. The Associate Principal will communicate his/her decision prior to the next scheduled competition.
All Student Activities Code of Conduct procedures are considered pupil records and will be handled in accordance with the district’s policy on pupil records. All sanctions will remain in effect during the appeals process.

A student may have the suspension reduced or sustained on appeal. Appeal criteria may include, but is not limited to, the specific circumstances of the case, prior behavioral history of the student, level of remorse, honesty. In addition, at Administrative discretion, a suspension may be reduced if the student agrees to a contract that may include, but is not limited ,to the following terms: (Drug testing, Evaluation, Counseling)

Any consequence issued will only be valid if the student successfully completes the activity in which they serve the suspension. Suspensions for code of conduct violations can only be served if the student is academically eligible and physically able to perform. Unacceptable behavior by a student during an activity will not be tolerated. This includes verbal or vulgar actions directed toward a coach/team member,officials, fans and flagrant unsportsmanship conduct. This type of behavior will be dealt with by the coaching staff and may result in the immediate removal from the team. Students missing any part of the WIAA tournament because of a code of conduct violation are not eligible for the remainder of the tournament

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