Sportsmanship and Conduct of Student-Athletes

These are WIAA eligibility rules:

The conduct of a student-athlete is closely observed in many areas of life. It is important that the behavior be above reproach in all the following areas:

In the classroom – In the academic area, a good athlete becomes a good student. A person cannot be a class laggard and think he/she can be an outstanding athlete. If you are lazy in class, you will be lazy on the practice field, floor or mat and will never reach your full potential. As an athlete you must plan your schedule so that you give sufficient time and energy to your studies to ensure acceptable grades. In addition to giving good scholarship, an athlete should give respectful attention to classroom activities and show respect for other students and faculty at all times.

School discipline referral & detention – Any student referred to the office for a school rules violation may be denied the privilege of participation in all athletic activities for a period determined by the coach, activities director, or principal. Failure to attend an assigned detention will result in successive contest/practice suspensions until the disciplinary detention assignment has been fulfilled.

Advisors and coaches reserve the right to prescribe dress/grooming requirements appropriate to each activity on the basis of consideration for student safety and positive school image.

The school attempts to provide quality and safe equipment. Student activities participants are expected to take excellent care of this equipment. Student activities participants will be held financially responsible for any lost or misplaced equipment. Deliberate mutilation of school property will also be charged to the student. Parents are asked to see that students return to school, any equipment not purchased by the individual. Failure to pay fines for lost or damaged equipment will result in loss of participation in the next sport


Students shall not trespass/loiter on school grounds for the purpose of participating in non-sponsored functions, which may be viewed, inappropriate by school administration. (e.g., fights, homecoming class battles)

Activities on Wednesday night will conclude by 6:30 PM for all activities. Sunday practices are not allowed. Teams are also not allowed to practice on 7 consecutive days.

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