Standards of Conduct/Discipline for Violations

These are WIAA eligibility rules:


Students of our high school shall abide by the WIAA Rules of Eligibility in regard to conduct throughout the calendar year. The WIAA general rule is interpreted as follows:
“A student shall be subject to discipline action at any time for violations (a) involving the use of alcohol or tobacco or the use, possession, buying or selling of illicit drugs, (b) attendance at events/parties where illicit drugs and/or alcohol are being consumed and/or taken by minors, and (c) violating the Verona Area School District standards of conduct which reflect:
a) Understanding that the purpose of all student activities is educational.
b) Understanding that participation in school activities is a privilege, which constitutes an opportunity to apply acquired skills and knowledge and to enhance abilities through showcased individual and group performances.
c) Good grooming and hygiene.
d) Respect and cooperation, especially for those activities in which competition occurs.
e) Understanding and valuing of diversity of others and their perspectives and performances.
f) Contributions to the activity and school esprit de corps.
g) Respect for authority and judgments within each activity as well as for those who make them.
h) Selfless sharing of time and talent for the sake of others and the activity itself.
i) Uphold standards and maintain compliance with student activities rights & responsibilities code.
(Includes hazing, initiations, bullying, falsifying parent notes, cheating, plagiarizing, weapons, and look alike,and theft)
It is expected that students, parents and staff will report to school officials all illegal misconduct. A ticket does not need to be issued for a violation of the VAHS Code of Conduct to take place. This includes (but is not limited to):
• Tobacco use or possession
• Alcohol and other drug use/possession (includes look alikes)
• Vaping

Crimes against property (defacing property, toilet papering)
Crimes against persons (including hazing, initiations, bullying)

Upon receiving this report, the Activities Director shall investigate the alleged violation and notify the student and his/her parents of the alleged infraction and inform them of any penalty that will be imposed. The range of action which the respective Activities Director /advisor may take includes:

Tier 1
Use, possession, buying or selling drugs and/or alcohol, tobacco, vaping, weapons and look a likes, felony crime, battery or sexual assault, computer crime, hosting parties, using anabolic steroids or human growth hormones, theft of greater then $100.00(Major Theft)
1st violation: Suspension of 50% of the regular athletic season
2nd violation: Suspension for the equivalant of 1 full season (100%)
3rd violation: Suspended for 200%

Tier 2
Behavior Unbecoming of an Athlete:
Violation of student’s rights and responsibilities code (Examples of Tier 2 violations include but are not limited to: Vandalism, Threats to staff or students, Repeated cheating, repeated forgery, repeated discipline problems, Truancy), repeated lieing, and theft of less then $100.00
1st violation: A suspension of 25%of the athletic competition
2nd violation: (50%of season)
3rd violation: 100% suspension of athletic season

Tier 3
Attends events/parties where drugs and/or alcohol are being consumed, or taken by minors:
Examples of addition types of Tier 3 violations include but are not limited to single incidents of Cheating, Forgery, lieing.
1st violation: Written warning will be issued to the student advising them of further action if violation is repeated.
2nd violation: Equals a Tier 2 first violation, 25%.
3rd violation: Equals a Tier 2 2nd violation , 50%
Subsequent violations: Equates to a Tier 2 third violation, 100%
Any student-athlete who commits any of these violations, Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 may be suspended immediately and may be suspended up to one calendar year pending a review by the principal, activities director, or other administrators as needed. The seriousness of the offense will determine the penalty. Any student violating the code of conduct while attending a school sponsored athletic team or club team trip may be suspended from school.

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