Graduation and Adornment Information

The Class of 2020 Graduation is Saturday, May 30th at 1:00 PM

  • Graduation is in Epicenter auditorium at Epic - located at 1979 Milky Way in Verona.
  • The Ceremony begins promptly at 1:00 pm with an approximate two-hour run-time. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m.
  • The auditorium at Epic is large enough accommodate 5,000 people. This beautiful facility is quite large, so we would encourage you to give yourself plenty of time to park, make your way to Voyager Hall, and be seated.
  • Admission and parking are free.
  • Handicap seating is available - no need to call ahead.
  • Handicap parking is available in two underground parking garages.  
  • There are two main ways to enter the EPIC Campus. 
  • Please plan on providing your student a ride home after the ceremony.
  • The entire Epic campus is smoke-free.
  • Epic asks to please leave noisemakers or any balloons at home or in your car.  

Map of routes to Epic's Voyager Hall



Verona Area High School Commencement Religious and Ceremonial Adornment Request

The Verona Area School District is committed to providing students with safe, inclusive learning environments. This includes consideration of requests to wear adornments of religious and ceremonial significance at the Verona Area High School commencement ceremony.

To access the pre-approval forms, click here or go to the student handbook, on page 52, on the high school web site.

A. General requirements for adornments of religious and ceremonial significance:

1. The adornment must meet the required criteria as listed in Section B below.

2. The adornment must receive pre-approval from designated school personnel. See Section C below for more information on the process for pre-approval.

3. Day/evening of graduation ceremony. The student must bring the pre-approval form provided by the school on the day/evening of the graduation ceremony. The request to wear an adornment can be denied if it no longer meets the requirements as described in Section B. In that case, the student will not be allowed to wear the adornment during the ceremony. No approvals will be given for adornments the day/evening of the graduation event.

4. The costs of adornments are the responsibility of the individual student and their family.

B. Criteria for adornments of religious and ceremonial significance:

● Adornments may be worn around the neck or attached to one’s graduation gown.

● No reflective materials, such as sequins or glitter.

● No words or offensive messaging including, but not limited to: items that pose a health or safety hazard, obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory, displays or references to alcohol, tobacco, or other products that are illegal for use by minors.

● No references to gang affiliations, firearms, or violence.

● Scented items are not allowed, so as not to cause a distraction or imposition for other graduation participants, including those with allergies or sensitivities. Artificial flowers should be used instead of real flowers.

● Flags and other banners will not be approved.

● Items that threaten the dignity of the ceremony will not be approved. The school/district approver(s) has discretion to determine whether an item meets this requirement.

● Adornments of the graduation cap will not be allowed, including tassels or decorating the mortarboard. This procedure does not limit wearing cap adornments that are sponsored or organized by the district or school. 49

C. Pre-approval process for adornments of religious and ceremonial significance: The Verona Area High School will establish a process and timing for pre-approval of adornments. This process will include the following:

a) Communications regarding the opportunity to wear adornments of religious and ceremonial significance and criteria that adornments must meet (See Section B.).

b) Communications regarding timing of pre-approvals. i. Students must submit requests for pre-approval to their Associate Principal by April 1, 2019. ii. Students may appeal a decision by the High School Administration or present an alternative item by April 22, 2019. A student may appeal the High School Administration’s decision in accordance to Board Rule 870 starting at step #3 with the Director of Bilingual Programs and Instructional Equity.

c) A method for designating that an adornment has been pre-approved. Administration will return a copy of the pre-approval form as evidence of the pre-approval. Students must keep a copy of the pre-approval form. A copy of this form will also be kept on file and a list of pre-approvals will be provided to VAHS commencement staff.


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