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Student Parking

VAHS Parking Permits

In order to obtain a VAHS Student Parking Permit, students need a valid Wisconsin Driver's License and vehicle insurance. They need to fill out a digital parking permit vehicle information form and pay a $50.00 feeThe fee can be paid via E-Funds, cash (exactly $50.00 please) or check to VAHS.
***For students needing a parking pass starting Semester 2 - Jan. 22nd or later, the Parking Fee is reduced to $25.00. Fees for any sophomore students are not entered in for payment until the digital vehicle information form is filled out and the student has an actual driver's license.

Once form and fee are taken care of, Parking Stickers can be picked up from Ms Krause at the 2nd Floor North Satellite Office N2068.  Please email Ms.Krause here for any questions or assistance. 

VAHS Parking Permit Form - for students with a valid driver's license and vehicle insurance

***Students who are not 16 and do not have a valid driver's license should wait to fill out the form with their parents/guardians once they are 16 years of age with a valid license and vehicle insurance.

Link to E-Funds accounts to pay parking fee electronically - Parking is listed as under Student Fees - Optional Student Fee.